Friday, August 28, 2015

Sex workers seek to dignify their profession
Tomás Andréu

Bill seeks to recognize and protect sex workers.

Using the body as a tool to give pleasure in exchange for money is a conscious act. But this personal decision has a bad reputation both in society and among Latin American governments.see more
COSTA RICA“I have a right to be happy, no matter what I am”
George Rodrguez
Women sex workers seek to be visible in Costa Rica’s legislation, draw up a bill recognizing their rights as regular workers. . see more
PERU“My decisions about my body is my right”
Nieves Vargas Coloma
Interview with Angela Villón Bustamante, Peruvian, independent sex worker. see more
CUBAThe long road to normalizing relations with the United States
Orsetta Bellani
Cuban government demands to the United States the lift of the economic blockade and close the military base in Guantanamo Bay.. see more
HAITIElections amidst violence and humanitarian crisis
The legislative elections that seek to bring back institutionalism to Haiti were held after nearly four years of delay.. see more
SURINAMEBouterse sworn in for a second term
Latinamerica Press
President promotes economic diversification and development of alternative energy sources.. see more
MEXICOJournalists in the line of fire
Latinamerica Press
Assassinations for the practice of journalism would have political motivations.. see more
BRAZILUmbanda, religion and resistance
Paolo Moiola*
The Umbanda faith is considered by some scholars to be the quintessential Brazilian religion, which blends all the elements that have enriched the country.. see more
BRAZIL“Candomblé and Umbanda are religions”
Paolo Moiola
Interview with Patricia Santos, Professor of History at the State University of Piauí. see more
PERUThe struggle for women’s reproductive rights
Annalise Falck-Pedersen*
Emergency contraceptives and forced sterilizations continue to be under investigation.. see more
BOLIVIAPetroleum exploration puts national parks at risk
Latinamerica Press
Laws allow exploration for hydrocarbon resources in protected areas and indigenous territories. see more

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