Thursday, October 2, 2014

Illegal logging behind deaths of indigenous leaders
Cecilia Remn

Assassination of forest defenders highlights extensive network of logging and the illegal timber trade.

“In the forest, the silence at night is absolute,” says Sara, a settler who owns a plot of land in the middle of Peru’s central jungle. “But suddenly, at 9 p.m. you start hearing chainsaws in the distance. I get up immediately and go quietly with my gun and my dogs to see where they are cutting down my trees. But I don’t find the loggers.see more
CHILEWho was behind the bombings?
Arnaldo Pérez Guerra
Authorities seek harder stance with controversial Anti-terrorist Law after attacks.. see more
BRAZILTwo women with leftist origins vie for the presidency
Jos Pedro Martins
Dilma Rousseff and Marina Silva are tied in voter support for the second electoral round.. see more
BOLIVIAElectoral results predicted
Latinamerica Press
Everything indicates that Evo Morales will be reelected for a third mandate during the first electoral round.. see more
Latinamerica Press
Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay.. see more
URUGUAYDeepening of progressivism or conservative break?
José Elosegui
Surveys indicate that the governing Frente Amplio and right-wing National Party would vie for the presidency in a second round.. see more
MEXICOGovernment refloats airport project
Orsetta Bellani
Campesinos deny handing over communal lands for new airport terminal.. see more
EL SALVADORICSID ruling draws to a close
Latinamerica Press
Despite incompliance with environmental regulations, multinational mining firm has demanded the Salvadoran government to pay more than US$300 million for halting project.. see more
THE CARIBBEANIslands nations vulnerable to climate change
Latinamerica Press
Natural disasters negatively impact Caribbean economies.. see more
CENTRAL AMERICADrought threatens food security
Louisa Reynolds
Up to 2.8 million people in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are in risk of famine.. see more
CHILEHidroAysén challenged revocation of environmental permit
Arnaldo Pérez Guerra
Consortium insists on developing hydroelectric project that would have high environmental impact in the Chilean Patagonia. see more

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