Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Could micro hydro-plants be the solution to energy conflicts?
Louisa Reynolds

Small scale hydropower is affordable, reliable and sustainable, particularly for populations that live in very remote areas.

On April 28, 2012, the inhabitants of Las Cruces, a municipality located in the Northern department of Petén held a plebiscite or consulta comunitaria and voted against the construction of four hydroelectric dams: La Línea, El Porvenir, Isla del Cayo and Yaxchilán, that the Guatemalan and Mexican governments intend to build on the Usumacinta River that divides the two countries.see more
LATIN AMERICA“Giving a voice to those silenced by the system”
Paolo Moiola
Interview with radio journalist Santiago García Gago. see more
LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEANRemittance levels stagnate
Latinamerica Press
Flow of money from immigrants to their native countries showed no change in 2013.. see more
CENTRAL AMERICAUnstoppable tide of child migrants to the United States
Louisa Reynolds
Central American leaders claim the children’s right to be reunited with their parents, while US authorities states the minors unaccompanied will be deported.. see more
COLOMBIAFarmers without alternative to growing coca
Orsetta Bellani
Unable to sell their food products, farmers grow coca to survive.. see more
THE CARIBBEANCoral reefs could disappear in 20 years
Latinamerica Press
Coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea have declined more than 50 percent since 1970.. see more
ARGENTINAJustice for Bishop Enrique Angelelli
Latinamerica Press
Court sentences two former military chiefs to life in prison for the assassination of bishop during the military dictatorship.. see more
PERUProtocol for therapeutic abortions is approved
Latinamerica Press
Women will no longer die for carrying on with pregnancies that put their lives at risk. . see more
LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEANA new El Niño event in the making
Latinamerica Press
Region may face high temperatures, strong rains, flooding and droughts.. see more
Latinamerica Press
Latin America and the Caribbean, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay.. see more
CHILEHydroelectric project stopped
Latinamerica Press
Government decided to cancel environmental permits for the controversial HidroAysén project.. see more

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